Name of Section Jurisdiction Name of the Officers
i) Matters pertaining to Recruitment, Promotion and  Deputation
ii) Matters pertaining  to disciplinary action
iii) Submission of monthly, quarterly, half-   yearly and  Annual Reports to MOC & Industry
iv) MACP matters, ACR matters
v) Records
vi) Any residual work
Joint Development Commissioner
Tel: 28294729
Fax: 28291385
COMPUTER SECTION Development and Maintenance of Web-site
AMC for Computer Programmer
SEZ DEVELOPMENT CELL – I i) All work relating to  Developers (excluding Navi Mumbai  SEZ and India Bulls  SEZ)excluding functional Zones
SEZ POLICY CELL All policy related matters of SEZ, Audit,  Govt. References  and Parliament questions
SEZ – I SEEPZ SEZ   Mrs. M. J. Kulkarni
Asstt. Development Commissioner
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294725, Fax: 282921754
KIMBERLY CERTIFICATION Work relating to   Kimberly Certificates to units under the jurisdiction of Development Commissioner, SEEPZ SEZ.
ESTATE MANAGEMENT CELL i) Estate  Related  Policy  and Procedures
ii) All  Permissions
RENT  CELL All matters relating  to Rents and Agreements
ESTATE MAINTENANCE CELL i) Over all  supervision of  maintenance.
ii) Contract under AMC
iii) Purchases
ESTATE  DEVELOPMENT CELL i) Supervision and monitoring of all projects (Funded by ASIDE or Authority)
ii) New   projects
iii)Any other  policy initiative for promotion of SEEPZ SEZ
HRD-I Preparation of Seniority list
Processing of all kinds  of Leave Applications
Maintenance of Service Books
CGHS matters
Matters pertaining  to Election duty
Processing of NOC for passport    applications
Matters pertaining to EPCES
Processing of Pension cases & Pay Fixation cases
Annual Increments
Processing of application for withdrawal of GPF
Shri S. T. Mane
Asstt. Development Commissioner
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294727, Fax: 282921754
HRD – III All purchases including Computers
Processing of Bills
All types of AMC (excluding Computer Programmer)
Staff Car related matters
Shri R.V. Ketkar
Asstt. Development Commissioner
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294749, Fax: 28292154

HRD – IV Outsourcing of staff
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Hindi Implementation 
EOU – II Refund of CST, DBK and TED pertaining to  Commissionerates, viz.
1) Mumbai
2) Mumbai – III
3) Navi Mumbai
4) Raigad
5) Thane – I
6) Thane – II
7) Goa
LABOUR CELL Labour related  matters Ms A.G. Satghare
Asstt. Development Commissioner
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294719, Fax: 282921754
i) All EOUs work excluding  refunds of  taxes
ii) Monitoring and Adjudication
iii) Joint Monitoring of  EOUs
iv) Litigation of EOUs
v) Board of Approvals for EOUs, UAC for EOUs.
vi) Parliament Questions and Govt. References
vii) Audit
viii) Any other residual work.

Refund of CST, DBK  and TED pertaining  Commissionerates, viz.
1) Pune – 1
2) Pune – II
3) Pune – III
4) Nasik
5) Aurangabad
6) Ahmmed Nagar
7) Jalgaon
8) Nagpur
9) Daman, Diu & Silvassa
10)Dadra Nagar Haveli

Ms. Beena Teckchandani
Asstt. Development Commissioner
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294751, Fax: 28292154
SEZ – II i) Developers and    units of all IT SEZs
ii) Monitoring of performance of units at IT SEZs
Ms Bridget  Joe
Executive Assistant to DC
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294756, Fax: 28292154
SEZ – III i) Developers and units  other than IT SEZs
ii) Monitoring of performance of units other than IT SEZs
Shri  Y.B.Baghel
Asstt. Development Commissioner
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294722, Fax: 28292154
ii)India Bulls SEZ
STATUTORY MEETINGS CELL (SEZ). i)Agenda for BOA and follow up
ii) Holding Meetings  of UAC and follow up
SEZ REFUNDS All refunds pertaining to Developers & Units

i) Collection and  monitoring of MPR, QPR and APR  of EOUs and SEZs and  preparation of reports.
ii) Analysis  and
iii)any other work assigned
Ms. A.G. Satghare  & Shri Y.B. Baghel
Account – I For DC, SEEPZ Mrs. Pushpalata Varade
Senior Accounts Officer
SEEPZ-SEZ, Andheri (East)
Mumbai- 400 096
Tel: 022-28294726 Fax: 282921754

Account – II For Pre and  Post Audit of   CST, DBK and TED
Account –III For  the work relating to Private SEZs
Account –IV For SEEPZ Authority Accounts.  


Name of the Supdt.  : Shri S.P.S. Hooda
Name of the Preventive Officer : Shri MG Deshpande
Telephone No.    : 28294741/28294733
Adinath Jewellery
CI 2 Jewellery Pvt Ltd
Dania Oro Jewellery Pvt Ltd
Datamatics  Global Services Ltd
Datamatics  Global Services Ltd-II
Datamatics  Global Services Ltd-III
Diam star
Dynamix  Chains Manufacturing Ltd
Elegant Collection
Euro Diamonds Pvt Ltd
GE India
Gold Star Jewellery
Goldstar Contequro Jewellery
Intel Instruments & Systems Ltd
Jasani Jewellery
Jasani Jewellery -II
Lilly Jewellery
M Suresh
MFR Electronics Components
Oracle Services
Patni Computer Systems
Patni Computer Systems II
Patni Computer Systems VII
Portescap I P. Ltd Steeper Motor
Portescap I P.Ltd DC Motors
Portescap I Pvt.Ltd
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Sidd's Jewels Pvt Ltd
Simic Electronics
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Super Gems Jewellery Mfg Ltd
Tata Consultancy
Tata Consultancy  ODC
Tata Consultancy ODC-II
Trygyn Technologies
Ulysses Jewellery (P) Ltd
Yash Jewellery Pvt Ltd

Name of the Supdt.  : Shri AV Deshmukh
Name of the Preventive Officer :
Telephone No.    : 28294713
Ace Software
Asian Star Jewels pvt Ltd
Blue Star Infotech Ltd
Cherokee India
Core Jewellery
Core Projects
Deodhar Electronics
EOS Power India P. ltd.
Fine Star Diamond
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Genesys Worldwide
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Jewel Craft
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Lilavati Jewllery Works
Livingstones Jewellery
Neo gems India Pvt Ltd
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Ornamentation India P Ltd
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Uni-Design Jewellery P ltd -III
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Zycus Infotech Pvt Ltd

Name of the Supdt.  : Shri R.R. Verma
Name of the Preventive Officer : Shri Navneeth Iyer
Telephone No.    : 28294704
A.P.D.S Electronfab
Aditi Jewels Pvt Ltd
Atos Origin India P Ltd
Bella Jewellery Pvt Ltd
Bombay Jewellery Manufacturers
C Mahendra Unit I
C. Mahendra Unit II
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Datamani Technologies
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Directi Web Services
Eleganza Jewellery 
Fine Jewellery (I)Ltd
Fine Jewellery Mfg
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Jewelmark India Pvt. Ltd
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SB & T & Designs Ltd.
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Silverline Technologies
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Star Brillion Pvt Ltd
Star Brillion Pvt Ltd Unit II
Sunjewels International Ltd.
Syntel Ltd
Systems & Software
Tera Informatics
The Design House
Tiger Jewellery Pvt Ltd
Unity Jewels
Western Outdoor Interactive
Western Outdoor Interactive II

Name of the Supdt.  : Shri T. K. Nayak
Name of the Preventive Officer : Shri Connel Gomes
Telephone No.    : 28294760
Charisma Jewellery
Eternity Jewels
Financial Technology
Fineline Circuits Ltd
Gebbs Health C are
Geodesic Information Systems
Globotronix Pvt Ltd
Golden Line Studios
Health Prime Intl
i2 Technologies
Indojewel Jewellery Pvt Ltd
Indus Valley Partners
Inter Jewel I P Ltd
Interlink Jewel
J.E. Exports
Jewel Art
Jewel Art (Trd)
KGK Creation P Ltd
KGK Jewellery
Micro Cloud Computing P.Ltd
Mini Diamonds
Navteq India Pvt Ltd
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Onward Tech Ltd
Panache Export Pvt Ltd
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Techhatylst Software Pvt  Ltd
The Jewelry Co.
Thirdware Consultancy
Thirdware Global Services
Twinkle Diamond Jewellery
Zenith Infotech Ltd.

Name of the Supdt.  : Shri I. B. JHA
Name of the Preventive Officer : Shri Augusto D’silva
Telephone No.    : 28294704
Analage Infotech (I) P Ltd
Arriva Jewellery
Amore Jewels
Azure Jewel
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C.G. Information
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Interjewels (Trading Divn)
Interjewels Designs
Jewellex India Pvt Ltd I
Jewellex India Pvt Ltd II
Jewellex India Pvt Ltd III
Jewellex India Pvt Ltd VII
Jewellex India Pvt Ltd  Trdg
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Vishay Semiconductor I Ltd
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Zen star jewellery

Name of the Supdt.  : Shri Pankaj Srivastav
Name of the Preventive Officer : Ms. Ankita Deshmukh
Telephone No.    : 28294759
ACE Divine Jewellery P Ltd
Bharat & Co
Core Jewellery
C.J.Jewellers Pvt Ltd
Cream Jewellery
Craftmen jewellery pvt ltd
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Global Jewellery :td
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